Pre-Baby Checklist

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Having a baby is a life changing event, whether it be your first or your third baby, your world is about to change. Leading up to the birth you will feel a a range of different emotions: nervous, excited, overwhelmed, panicked, all of which are normal and sometimes you might even feel these all at once. One thing that I found helped me feel more in control and less stressed was to get organised in the weeks leading up to my due date. Below is my Pre-Baby Checklist. I found spreading out my to do list over a few weeks leading up to the birth was more manageable and it also ensured I got around to doing everything I had thought of, rather than forgetting everything at the last minute. I hope this helps you if you are pregnant. Keep in mind these guidelines are estimates as your baby might arrive early or late so you can adjust these as needed. If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below so other mamas can see your tips.

Picture - Simone Sian Photography


  • Have your baby’s room set up and as close to finished as possible. Some women go past their due date but a lot of women also go into labour early, so it is best to have this all set up so whenever your little one decides to arrive, you are ready.


  • Wash all baby’s clothes, linen, blankets and pack them away.
  • Ensure you and your partner have a will and / or update your will.


  • Pack your hospital bag. If you need help with what to pack see my detailed list here.
  • Learn how to use your pram and practice putting it in and out of your car.


  • If you have signed up with Netcells to store your baby’s stem cells, sign and complete the paperwork now. There is quite a bit to complete and trust me, you won’t want to be doing this in the first few hours of your baby being born.
  • Prepare and freeze meals, or stock up on We Are Food meals which I did as well. The first two weeks are a blur, literally you are that exhausted and sleep deprived. Having meals that just need to be warmed up are the best thing you can do for yourselves as new parents.
  • Also stock up on cereals and canned / dry goods like chickpeas, cous cous etc. which you can easily have on hand to make quick meals.


  • Make sure your dog / cat are all up to date with their injections, deworming, tick and flea treatments and teeth cleaning.
  • Certify both parents’ South African IDs and unabridged marriage certificate as you will need these to register your baby’s birth.


  • Get your car washed, a full interior and exterior clean
  • Install your baby’s car seat
  • Get a mani / pedi / wax if this is something you are wanting to do.

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