Our Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Friday, 3 January 2020

The first trimester was the longest. Then I blinked and well hello third trimester! I cannot believe we are going to be welcoming baby Airey into our world in 7 weeks. Somebody pinch me.

Brett and I decided to host our own baby shower as I always find expecting someone ese to do something for you and being the centre of attention rather awkward and he didn’t want to have a nappy braai, (is that something only South Africans do?) so we decided to plan the baby shower ourselves to reflect us rather than tradition. Our goal was to have couples, kiddies and all dogs welcome. The first two groups pitched up, Benji was very disappointed with the lack of dogs though.

Our venue was Brett’s family home which they built 30 odd years ago and it’s one of my favourite places to spend time at with so many memories made there. I wanted this to be a hassle-free afternoon surrounded by those we love rather than a stressful event. So, I roped the moms in to help with cooking and baking (although there were a few store bought treats like macaroons because how does one even make those!) And Brett prepared a fillet on the braai for the non-veggies. I heard the Portuguese rolls he made we phenomenal!

Here is a glimpse into our Baby Shower and all the finer details in case you are planning a gender neutral, DIY baby shower and need a little inspiration.

Our most loved friends & family 

All hands on deck to set up 

Pims master and the Chef


Italy has always been one of our favourite countries and having had our small, intimate wedding there this place will always be close to our hearts. I wanted to channel a modern, Italian twist into the general décor which was bought to life by my mother in law with her beautiful floral arrangements. She is not a florist although she sure should be as she is extremely talented and arranged the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! We didn’t play any baby games and rather made this into a summer soiree which we knew we would enjoy more. As we are having a surprise, I just wanted lots of colour so we didn’t have one colour scheme to work with but I think the splash of colours worked out perfectly.

The table decor

My mother in law's gorgeous flowers she put together 


  • Bruschettas 4 ways: Strawberry & Balsmaic, Hummus & Carnalised Onion, Mushroom, Tomatoes, Basil & Mozzarella.
  • Goats Cheese with Honey & Walnuts tarts
  • Harvest board with a variety of cheeses (Woolworths stocks a variety of interesting pasteurised cheeses), fruits, olives, dips, crackers and pitta breads. I love a good harvest board!
  • Spinach & feta quiche.
  • Portuguese Steak Rolls
  • Milk Tart and Lemon Meringue Pie (these are our two favourite homemade cakes)
  • Bar One cake topped with raspberries
  • Macaroons
  • Pasteis de Nata aka “Portuguese tarts” (another firm favourite)

Harvest board with all pasteurised cheeses


  • Pims
  • Six Dogs Gin and Tonics
  • Water jugs flavoured with fruits
  • Lemonade
Six Dogs Gin, bought purely for the packaging

Our first born Benji


Maybe the fact that I am wearing blue is a subconscious message but, in all honesty, I just love the colour blue and white together. This dress was designed and made by Bianca Warren. Her brief was “something with a bow” and she come up with this beautiful creation. It started out full-length and as it got hotter, we just cut the hem so I had two looks in one day! I thought I wanted something loose and flowy but Bianca was adamant a fitted dress would be more flattering even though I feel like a little whale but I am so glad I listened to her and gave her full creative licence with this dress because I LOVED it.

Our family portrait 


As much as I love the grannies, I just knew having them walk around capturing the day on their iPads wasn’t going to quite capture this special day and I wanted everyone to be present rather than trying to get pictures so I called on the lovely Maresha Lee from Maresha Lee Photography. Since shooting this day, she has become a full-time photographer and I cannot recommend her enough. She caught the sweetest moments of our family, friends and their little ones. I haven’t shared them on here to protect their privacy but have a squiz through her website to see the beauty she captures.


I have mentioned Amber-Lea Horne here before and she is now my go to girl for make-up in Durban North. I needed all the help I could get covering the bags under my eyes!

Dress designed & made by Bianca Warren


I have saved my Baby Shower Mood Board here for you if you need some more inspiration for a baby shower you might be planning. If you are expecting a little one soon, congratulations! And if you were like me desperately trying a few months ago, know that I am routing for you and sending you all my love and positive vibes. It’s not an easy silent battle when you trying to get pregnant and it doesn’t happen right away, but you really are not alone. So, if it is taking a little longer, hang in there.

The one who first made me a mom


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