Dog Friendly Hotel – The Oyster Box

Sunday, 28 October 2018

The Oyster Box Hotel is one of my favourite places to go to in Umhlanga Rocks. It has the most exquisite decor and is a special little slice of heaven in Durban. I always knew it was dog friendly, so we decided to take Benji and see what it was like going to the Oyster Box hotel with a dog.  

The Oyster Box Hotel - Rooftop Bar
Firstly, I think we need to travel with Benji more often because when we arrived they opened a VIP parking for us right outside the front door, (that has never happened to us) and Benji was welcomed with open arms as soon as his little legs jumped out of the car and he waltzed through the hotel doors with his tail wagging. We headed up to the rooftop bar which has beautiful views overlooking the hotel’s pool and the Umhlanga promenade. While we sipped on aperols, Benji was bought his own bowl of water to quench his thirst and the waiters were genuinely so lovely and attentive.

Whenever you take your dog out in public it’s important to make sure that they are well behaved because not everyone likes dog as much as you (or me). So, if you are bringing your dog to the Oyster Box Hotel, I would recommend taking them for a walk along the Umhlanga promenade first. This way they will be less excited and will be happy to just sit and relax while you enjoy a drink and the view. There are a few monkeys that often pass by, hoping for a strawberry from the unsuspecting tourist’s daiquiri, so keep that in mind if you dog goes crazy at the site of them.

Benji and I love finding dog friendly places and one day we will have to come back and stay at the Oyster Box Hotel for a night or two, so we can experience what the dog friendly hotel rooms are like, I’m sure those are a treat!
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If you see us out and about come say hi, we have loved meeting some of you!

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